Search for Published Trademarks

Search for Published Trademarks

Through its Intellectual Property Published Registrations (IPPR) Data Center, AGIP provides search services for trademarks published in the Official Gazettes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Gaza, Ramallah, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon and Qatar.

Before filing an application in one of the aforementioned countries, the Data Center conducts a comprehensive search in order to determine trademarks’ availability for use and registration and evaluate whether the mark conflicts with a previously existing mark.

While the official search in certain national trademark offices could take up to one month and is conducted manually, the IP Data Center electronically offers comprehensive search with competitive rates, where accurate search result reports are delivered within less than 24 hours.

The trademark search includes different search criteria that can be used individually or combined, including trademark’s name (word mark, design mark), owner’s name, classes, country, application number, application date, publication date and others.


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